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We have a large selection of used CNC machines, VCMís Horizontals and CNC milling machines. For those of you who donít know, CNC stands for Computer Numeric Controlled, which basically means that the machines are computer controlled. The Numeric code is simply a set of coordinates that tells the machines which direction to move. Operating used CNC machines makes life simple and is a piece of equipment that is essential in the manufacturing industry.

Used CNC Machines can be equipped to create many different components and items fast and efficiently. Companies all over the world want to use CNC machines for convenience and precision. The beauty of these used CNC machines is they can be programmed offline, which means that even employees who are not CNC trained can actually mind the machines. They donít require any knowledge at all of how the machine works, they only need to know how to load the machine and press the buttons.
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Category: VMC's, Horizontals & CNC Milling Machines
Image Auction Title Start Bid Current Bid # of Bids Time Left
Fanuc Robodrill T14iAGBP £17,500.00GBP £0.0007d 1h 17m
Hurco VM 1GBP £27,500.00GBP £0.0007d 1h 13m
XYZ SMX 2000 - 2 AxisGBP £16,500.00GBP £0.0007d 1h 11m
XYZ SMX 4000GBP £25,000.00GBP £0.0002d 3h 2m
XYZ DPM 5000GBP £15,000.00GBP £0.0007d 1h 7m
XYZ SM 2000-3GBP £15,000.00GBP £0.0007d 1h 7m
XYZ SMX 2500GBP £16,500.00GBP £0.0002d 3h 17m