Dugard SS1263L

Name of Machine: Dugard SS1263L

YOM: July 2015

Stock Number: cmu/0314

Dugard SS1263L Heavy Duty 3-Axis VMC with, Heidenhain i530 control, 12,000 RPM spindle, through spindle coolant, 1200mm X Axis. table size 1450mm x 600mm. 1200kg table capacity. 4565 hours spindle run


X Axis 1200mm

Y Axis 630mm

Z Axis 600mm

Spindle nose to table surface 100~700mm

Spindle centre to column 710mm

Spindle nose to telescopic guard 630mm

Table size 1450 x 600mm

T-slot 18 x 5 x 100mm

Max table loading capacity 1200kg

Speed/transmission 12,000rpm direct drive

Rapid feed X/Y/Z 30 x 30 x 30 m/min

Cutting feed X/Y/Z 1~20m/min

Tool magazine BBT40 / 30 tools

Tool selection Bi-directional, random type (ARM type ATC)

Max tool diameter 76mm

Tool dia without adjacent tools 127mm

Max tool length 300mm

Max tool weight 7kg

X/Y/Z feed motors α 12 kW

Spindle motor (Heidenhain) Direct drive 15 kW

Coolant motor 1.27kW

Coolant tank capacity 350L

Air pressure required 6kg/cm2

Electric power required 30KVA

Repeatability accuracy ISO 10791-4, R: 0.007mm

Positioning accuracy ISO 10791-4, A: 0.010mm

Gross weight 9200kg


Fishponds, Bristol


Shipping Details:
A VAT invoice will be supplied within 48 hours of the sale end date. Delivery off loading and siting are all available with this machine at extra cost.

Enquire or call for details: 0117 965 2706

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