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If you have been looking to buy or sell some capital equipment, then this is certainly the correct place to do that. When you register on Machine Tool Sales Online, you just need to click on the ‘Welcome New Members’ icon on the home page or ‘Register Now’ at the top of all pages. From there you’ll be automatically redirected to the simple New Member Registration online form. Once you’ve filled in all the forms, you’ll receive an email to the email address you have specified.

At Machine Tool Sales online, you can buy or sell used lathes, used cnc machines, used milling machine etc. A large variety of used machine tools are available in our machinery auctions. So, whether you’re looking to buy or sell any CNC machinery, we have the perfect resource for you to do so.
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Latest arrivals...
  Started Starting Bid Auction Title
  16/07/2015 13:49:33 £17,900.00 GBP MACH L-1550
  16/07/2015 13:49:14 £22,000.00 GBP Lagun Future 1800
  16/07/2015 13:49:01 £15,000.00 GBP Hardinge Cobra 42
  16/07/2015 13:48:47 £14,000.00 GBP Hardinge VMC 600ii
  16/07/2015 13:48:31 £25,000.00 GBP Mazak Super Quick Turn 10 MS
  16/07/2015 13:47:53 £6,500.00 GBP XYZ Edge 2000
  16/07/2015 13:47:28 £19,500.00 GBP XYZ VMC 560 Mini Mill
  16/07/2015 13:47:02 £12,500.00 GBP Colchester Tornado 300
  03/07/2015 18:22:17 £15,000.00 GBP Matchmaker 610 MIni Mill
  03/07/2015 18:12:52 £18,500.00 GBP Dugard Eagle 100 CNC Lathe
  03/07/2015 17:06:34 £18,500.00 GBP Leadwell V30i
  03/07/2015 16:13:45 £20,000.00 GBP XYZ Proturn SLX 425
  03/07/2015 16:07:25 £27,500.00 GBP Hurco VM 1
  03/07/2015 16:05:45 £18,500.00 GBP Hardinge VMC 1000ii High Torque
  03/07/2015 15:57:27 £18,500.00 GBP Haas SL20 TCE
  03/07/2015 15:47:04 £19,500.00 GBP Haas SL10
  03/07/2015 15:32:48 £18,500.00 GBP Hardinge Talent 645
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