XYZ SM 5000

Name of Machine: XYZ SM 5000

YOM: 2005

Stock Number: cmu/0215

Now here’s a very rare machine to find on the used market!!

An 2005 XYZ SM 5000 large capacity heavy duty CNC / Manual milling machine with Protrak SM control, electronic handwheels, Protrak Traking, Power draw bar and a 7.5KW ISO40 spindle motor.


YOM: 2005

Control System: Prototrak SM

Spindle motor 7.5 HP (5.75 KW)

Spindle speed range: 40-5000 rev

Table Size: 1930 x 356 mm with 15.9 mm T-slots 4 Drive Axle

Traverse sizes: X-Axis 1524 mm, Y-Axis 596 mm, Z Axis- 540 mm, Quill movement 140mm

Taper: 40 ISO Power

Quill Dia: 116 mm

Maximum weight 850 kg on the table

Head tilt to left or right 45 ° -45 °

Machine weight 3100 kg.

Day Light Max 610mm


Fishponds, Bristol


Shipping Details:
A VAT invoice will be supplied within 48 hours of the sale end date. Delivery off loading and siting are all available with this machine at extra cost.

Enquire or call for details: 0117 965 2706

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