At Your Service

MTSO provides customers with a range of proven and popular services.

Selling a machine??

Without access to high-quality and competitively-priced machines and equipment we simply couldn’t survive. But that doesn’t mean we want to exploit our ‘selling’ customers…far from it.

Our knowledge of the market and what our customers want (and are prepared to pay), puts us in an ideal position to help dispose of your assets. As soon as you contact us regarding the sale of any item, we’ll do everything possible to provide a quick and seamless service that minimises disruption to your business.
MTSO can simply buy your asset from you, from single items of engineering equipment, right through to complete factory clearances. A simple call to us will give you the opportunity to maximise the value of your asset. We are totally independent and have a huge and loyal customer base…we’ll pay the true market value of the machine, work on a small margin & sell quickly too…that’s what made us different. Remember, if you have something to sell, we’re likely to have a customer looking for it…why not call us now?

If you’d prefer to have us market the asset for you, we can do that too….Again, MTSO can handle the disposal of single items of capital equipment right through to disposal of whole factory units (Factory Clearance Service). Part of our service also includes photography of your item(s) and the quick upload and promotion of it/them on our website. There is a small nominal charge associated with our Managed Asset Sale Services which can be explained in more detail during our initial meeting with you but, essentially, as this cost is charged as commission from the sale of your item(s)…it means that if we don’t perform - there is no charge.

Remember, the MTSO website is viewed by hundreds of visitors each day, it’s one of the UK’s most widely advertised, marketed and well known websites in the machine industry. Disposing of an asset through MTSO guarantees its promotion to a large, engaged and committed target audience.

Items Wanted:
We’re always interested and are on the look-out for machines and equipment that we know customers are interested in acquiring. So, why not cash-in now on that old machine that’s occupying vital space in your workshop?

Call us now and talk to us about those items that you no longer need or want.

Buying a machine?
There’s no better place to see the latest used and new manual and CNC machines and workshop equipment for sale than on our website. Every week dozens of new items are added to site. The only downside (if you call it a downside) is that items for sale are usually sold very quickly and don’t hang about on the site for long.
MTSO sells a comprehensive range of used products that includes -: machine tools (all types), tooling, work-holding, rotary tables, bar-feeders, inspection equipment, forklift trucks and commercial vehicles. All items are competitively priced and, where possible, will be provided with a full and accurate service history.
Prior to making a purchase we advise our buying customers to visit our Bristol facility to see the items of interest - and to talk direct to our sales & engineering staff about the pre- and after-sales services we provide.

These include:

• Finance help
If you need help financing your purchase, MTSO can help. We have excellent relationships with a range of finance providers and can put you in touch with them to access the most competitive rates and help make your 'potential' purchase a reality.

• Part-Exchange
If you are looking to part-exchange any existing machinery/equipment that you own as part of the purchase agreement please let us know (in advance), so that we are able to offer you a fair and accurate valuation of your items.

• Delivery
MTSO will ensure fast delivery of the item(s) you have purchased and will work with you to agree delivery dates that minimise any disruption to your business.

• Installation
MTSO engineers can be on-site to install your new machine/equipment if required. For large and or complex machines and equipment, our engineers will undertake a recce visit prior to delivery, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free installation.

• Training
To ensure that you get the most from your purchase from day one we can provide in depth training for you and your operators. We can provide special CNC programmer and operator training (i.e. Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens etc.), if required.

• Servicing
Like any machine or piece of equipment it’s important that they are maintained and serviced. MTSO service engineers can help you plan these service interventions and will undertake cost-efficient and effective servicing of your equipment to maintain and ensure its performance and productivity.

• Wear and replacement parts
It’s a fact of life that machines and equipment, through use, will experience faults caused by failing parts. MTSO can help you access wear and replacement parts quickly and easily to minimise downtime and ensure your equipment is in tip-top condition.

The last word
There's always someone out there who wants to sell exactly what you need, or needs exactly what you have to's just a matter of finding them.
That’s exactly where we come in.